About Us

We at predicts.bet are professional tipsters with enormous experience in this matter. We are proud that we managed to create a perfect team of some of the best punters on the planet. All of our tipsters are hardened in battle when it comes to soccer betting. We make absolutely no compromises with the quality of our people’s work. For years, we help gamblers worldwide improve their efficiency in betting and dramatically improve their profits. Making money by gambling is a tough act, but most certainly not impossible if you work with the right people. We’ve done it many times with our clients, you can trust us about that.

Soccer is a beautiful game, but sadly it was corrupted from the inside through the years. We’ve been witnessing various scandals regarding corruption and manipulating results from matches in different countries and continents. With time we at predicts.bet realized that the only way to deal with this corruption is to look for any inside information that can help the punters. Our tipsters are professionals who know the betting game from the inside out, and they are aware of most of the corrupt practices that occur all around the planet. Every time we give you a tip, we have ensured we know if there’s some kind of secret information the public doesn’t know. It’s simply part of our job.

There are many reasons you should trust the judgment of the professional tipsters, but the biggest one is the most straightforward – their success rate. We will repeat ourselves – you can be really good at soccer and have some solid knowledge about the game, but making money out of it is a science. Creating a winning pick is not just about choosing the better side – it doesn’t work like this. We at predicts.bet know how to do the proper research, which includes:

Our team verifies all the picks our tipsters provide. The most significant proof of the quality of our work is our high winning percentage because numbers don’t lie.

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? Taking action is the only thing that drives us forward in this life. We can help you reach your dreams, but only if you allow us to do it. Give us a chance, and we will show you what we can do.